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13 Things You Should Not Do on Your Period

Menstruation makes adjustments to the woman’s habitual life. Someone suffers from ailments, pains in the lower abdomen, some are angry at the whole world and mother-nature for the broken plans. It should be noted that a woman should avoid certain actions and procedures during her menstruation.

The period of menstruation is the time when a woman is weaker than usual. That’s why she needs to avoid some actions. After all, even minor limitations of physical activity will allow her to be in excellent shape even on these days.

Training at the gym? Swimming in the pool? Active life or bed rest? What can and can not be done during your period? Let’s find out more information about this period of our life and be aware with all necessary things we should know:

1. Be careful with cooking. If you have an emotional flash, you can hurt yourself or somebody else.

2. Period is a very emotional period. So, keep yourself in hands not to text or call your ex.

3. Do not exercise during your period. This can lead to over bleeding.

4. If you are single and you are having your period, try to avoid watching melodramas or romantic comedies.

5. Do not believe that eating chocolate or read more

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