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9 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

  1.  Dreams of flying

These dreams symbolize the need to achieve your ambitions. Where are you trying to go? Which path have you taken to get there? Do you have problems achieving something in life? Dreams of flying usually make us feel recharged after waking, feeling free and confident we can do whatever we set our mind on.

  1. Dreams of waterfalls

Waterfalls or water in general symbolizes our emotional state. It’s a symbol of purity and cleansing, it’s a sign of new beginnings and letting go of what used to be.

If you dream of waterfalls remember these things about them, is the waterfall big or small? How to you regard your obstacles? Is it on a beautiful beach or a dark jungle?

  1. Dreams of teeth

These dreams are fairly common and contrary to popular belief they don’t all symbolize aging. If you dream you’re pulling a tooth it means that you need to let something go. Rotten teeth are a sign of holding on to some anxiety and fear. If you dream of your teeth falling, which is one of the most common dreams, you’re stressed about something new in life, it can be a new job, a relationship, or some new situation that’s causing you stress.

  1. Dreams of death

These dreams are much more common than people would like to admit and they maybe morbid but are usually read more

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